True stories about young women & men from Egypt قصص حقيقيه لشابات و شبان من مصر ـ

BuSSy Promo Videos

1- BuSSy song Promo 1 البرومو الاول  مونولوجات بُصّي المصورة –

BuSSy song Promo 1 – at Khaled Abol Naga (Kal Naga) on Vimeo.

2- BuSSy Teaser – 2 Bossa – مونولوجات بُصّي المصورة – بوسة

BuSSy  Bossa Teaser   at Khaled Abol Naga (Kal Naga) on Vimeo.

3- BuSSy Teaser Intro-1  مونولوجات بُصّي المصورة – المقدمة


BuSSy Intro Teaser   at Khaled Abol Naga (Kal Naga) on Vimeo.

more promos and teasers here soon – قريبا بروموهات  لمونولوجات بصي المصوره هنا


2 responses

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  2. Naaz

    Wow. This is incredible. I couldn’t believe this when I saw this. Bussy has come so far since it first started as a tiny little seed of a thought knot in my heart. It is such a wonderful and magical blessing to see the light and beauty that has unraveled through the hard work, sincerity and commitment of every vibrant, and silent person who has transformed this thought into a reality. My prayers are with all of you. Mabrouk!

    July 30, 2012 at 9:33 pm

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